Invisible Wall at PD


I suddenly can’t enter the Mission Row PD because there is an invisible wall inside the doors. Is there any fix for this?

Mission row pd blocked doors

Restart the server? Have you tried anything at all?


restarted, disabled different scripts, nothing. It just started last night


You dont have mission row script right?


not sure what you mean, but i do have the police job


anyone found a fix for it yet?


Have you loaded the necessary IPLs for this?


there isn’t any as this is just default mission row, no addons or anything. was fine yesterday, joined the server today not edited any files and now like this

p.s. the wall is invisible form outside


What ymaps are you using?


None as I removed them all.

Update: all fixed, cause was the fix holes In map resource prisonfive, some reason this pack has started breaking things


Update & FIX!

delete these lines from the map.lua in the above resource.