Invictus RP | Serious Roleplay | XBR & other custom vehicles | LEO, Civ, Fire/EMS | Whitelisted



Invictus Gaming has been around for over a year now and running strong. We used to go by Richmond County Roleplay (some of our logos are in the screenshots below). We’re a community that strikes a good balance of chemistry among members and serious roleplay. A majority of our members have been playing together this whole time and we’re always welcome to grow our family. We use lore names for our departments and have custom skinned vehicles that are one of a kind (no DOJ copycats here). Our Fire/EMS is comprised of irl firefighters and EMS personnel so our training and service received is the same you would get irl.

Departments Currently Hiring -
Fire/EMS - All of these vehicles are from XBR
Los Santos Police Department - Custom skins are done
Blaine County Sheriff’s - Custom skins are almost done
San Andreas Highway Patrol - Custom skins are coming after Sheriff’s

We’re in the process of rebuilding our website. If you’re interested in applying -->

Join our discord here —>


●15 Years old - If you show maturity and you’re under the age, we may consider you!

●Speak fluent English

●Working microphone

●Valid copy of GTAV

■XBR showcase vehicles featured in his discord■

■Other Videos from Gerbil■ His youtube channel -->

Showcase of LEO and Fire/EMS vehicles

Note - These are not all the vehicles we have - Just a little taste of what we have in our arsenal

■Custom Civilian Vehicles■

Note - These are not all the vehicles we have


I recommend Unless you want to risk you server being blacklisted, I suggest finding new cars. Servers with XBR’s cars are being BLACKLISTED because of it.


Even people who paid for them? Our old community Director paid over $500 to XBR


nobody is getting blacklisted lmao


We just got a new car, more to come later!



Our community is in the midst of a rebuild.

Some of the job openings we have:

Lt. Director of Civilian Operations
San Andreas Highway Patrol Recruit
Blaine County Sheriff Department Cadet
Los Santos Police Department Cadet
San Andreas Fire Department Recruit


Having an open house patrol tonight. It will be non-whitelisted for tonight. You can come check us out and see how we do things! Hope to see people here tonight. If you search “Invictus” should be the first one that pops up.

Don’t forget, we’re still hiring for most departments, except dispatcher. Just hired 2 new irl dispatchers!