Inventoryhud - Shops

Its very important that you import the .sql as it sets the prices column in the items database table, which the resource is getting its information from.

I’ve been waiting too for me being able to release it but they put a restriction on my account for about 3 weeks so couldn’t do much :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello ncie script, the shop works, but when i go to the weapon shop and press the key E, an error appear on my console:

Do you have any clues?

@JackouilleTv it is because you have not installed [Dev-Resource] Mythic Notifications so either install that resource or comment out/change the lines that trigger a mythic notification to your prefered notification system.


Thanks mate! And other question is there an easy way to authorize weapon shop even without licenses?

Yes, just simply comment out the check in shop.lua where it checks for a license.

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Nice script my man

Thanks mate

F yeah… love it on paper… will try it for sure…

original inventory_trunk stay in place, right ?

Great update! I think we’re all gonna use this.

Can I be off topic for a sec? What is that hair/jumper? I need those!

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Its a custom ped, I can’t recall the name of it though you’ll have to look through the forums.

Ahh I thought it was an MP ped. All gucci.

and how do i add my old items they dont seem to appear in my stores?

@A_Gonzalez if they are in your items table database, just add their names to the shop you’d like to add them to in the config.lua

Sick this, much easier inteface

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I got a question I was looking in the sql and all I saw in in the items was the gun stuff. Should it be that way or should it have all the other stuff?

I also don’t see where to put in the price for like food and all that only just for weapons

@TristenL if you imported the .sql you should have gotten another column in the items table. That is where you set the prices, it is literally called PRICE.

Yes, the items in teh .sql are correct. ESX comes default with the items, such as bread and water. Other ones like pistachio’s etc you will have to add yourself.

Sexy release

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Alright just wondering to make sure I do it right and I saw the where to put the price I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right. Thank you @sukurabu also a amazing job on the script!

No problem, if you’ve got any issues fire 'em my way!

can someone please convert to vrp?