Invalid fix up error on my model i created


im developing a fire brush truck as i was testing it on fivem it would spawn but now after editing materials i get an invalid fixup error, not sure why its doing this, anyone know a fix or a work around ?

when i spawn the vehicle fivem crashes with invalid fixup error on the usa3.ytf as i said i only made materials edits now it wont spawn at all


re-export it, zmodeler is buggy and often does this


We all know ZModeler is a p.o.s but we have no better alternative :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks guys i knew it was not me, and yeah zmodeler is a pos even more so since its been updated to two different versions and previous versions will not open files, has not been right since.


now i get Michigan-ten-golf … any idea what causes this ?


How did you fix this error? I get it when I spawn in my Silverado I created.