Insomnia RP



Come and join us over on Insomnia RP. We are leaning more to the serious side of roleplay. Its shaping up to be one of the greats on FiveM. We are currently hiring for the police force (BCSO SASP LSPD), EMS is hiring as well. We are whitelisted when it comes to those 2 jobs specifically. There are Map Add-Ons and Custom Cars. Players have the ability to rob stores and banks. Custom money laundering script, Custom Chat + much more. There are Jobs and Drug activities. Drugs are hidden on the map with hints to where you can find them. We are currently still in development so things are getting worked on/fixed or added/removed. But the server is up and stable. You can join our DISCORD here >>>>


Don’t join, the guy would gladly want to have failrpers and rdm’s on his server.
also he defends racism, homophobia, and mysoginistic assholes.


If you have nothing nice to say then don’t. Take a look at the FAQ page please, especially these sections: & Thanks :mascot:


dont join them they bully people like me with autism


they said no autistic people allowed and kicked me


WOW, Disgusting Community. Sorry buddy you were treated that way that is awful and wrong on so many levels.



Removed upon request.