[Insanity RP] Report


Hello, I woke up to a bunch of notifications in MY server’s Discord. It was spammed invites to another, I also got notifications in another Discord of FiveM. I really wish this server was blacklisted, or delt with.

2017-10-06 12_03_09-#general - Discord2017-10-06 12_00_51-Hi - FiveM

Note: I didnt know where to post this so if its in wrong spot please move it


Not FiveM’s problem, that issue is yours to deal with.


Ahh, okay I thought it was against rules to do such thing, mb


FiveM can’t do anything with things you’re sent on Discord. The only way they can handle it (as far as I know) is if it happens in the official FiveM Discord, in which case the moderators would just delete it.

If it’s the same person sending you the invites, I recommend blocking them on Discord. :slight_smile: