InfusedRP | TokoVOIP | Strict RP | Whitelisted | Custom Scripts | Looking for Staff and Head of Departments | Family Styled | Join Us!

Hello and Welcome to Infused Roleplay. First off id like to explain some things about our family.

InfusedRP is a family based roleplay community meaning we are going for realistic characters and people who are here to RP. Our Server has been up and running for around a week now undergoing some serious development to make everyone in the community happy. The main reason for opening the community was to offer a engaging and fun experience to everyone who joins the family.

Our development has made it possible for everyone in the community to have all of the necessities needed to make the best out of roleplay.

Although we are not whitelisted, we do require players to join our discord and receive tags in order to play in our community. We do understand that this might put some players off but we fully believe that TokoVOIP is way better then pesky voip.


  • Custom VOIP
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Whitelisted PD/EMS
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom Interiors
  • Custom Scripts
  • Community Events
  • Legal and Illegal Occupations
  • A Strict RP Community
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Regular Updates and Fixes

For more information feel free to join our discord.

Teamspeak -
Discord -
Website -


BUMP. We are looking for head of all departments. We are now fully whitelisted and looking for long term members.

woa this is really shaping up now ! Great work everyone :slight_smile:

Server is looking and running great. With new add ons and services talked about being added this server is easily one of the most custom servers I’ve been a part of.

It’s crazy how far we’ve come from the start of the server and it’s never looked better. Thanks to all the hard work it became quite an awesome server and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Since I’ve been on the server has been changing for the better. The people on the server are great and they work with you when there is a problem. This server is truly great and I’m glad to be apart of it

Project Lead position is filled. We are hiring more staff members and other department ranks. Thanks :100:

One Staff position has been filled. Still looking for a Medical Chief

Both Positions are now filled for Medical Chief and Police Chief

Great Server, I love where it’s going!

Added more vehicles for all departments :slight_smile:

Discord Link Updated

Still Hiring more staff, EMS Chief, and Police Chief are taken.

Looking for an EMS Chief.