[★] InfinityGaming RP | Serious RP | Custom Real Life Cars | Custom CAD | Anyone can be a Cop!




[★] InfinityGaming is a gaming community with multiple servers!

Hello Players of FiveM, Are you looking for a American Real Life Roleplay Server?
Well you found one!

Looking for new players and new bosses for jobs!
Also looking for new staff members!

We listen to all Job Sugestions and mod sugestions

Server Features: (There will be more in the future!)

  • Custom ELS Lights
  • Custom CAD Design
  • Custom CAD Client
  • Custom 300+ Real Life Civ Cars
  • Custom Map
  • Custom Jobs
  • Custom Vehicle Handling
  • Custom Menu
  • Custom Cruise Control
  • No Driveby’s

Jobs: (There will be more in the Future!)

  • Bankdriver (Whitelisted)
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Civilian
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Drug Dealer
  • Delivery
  • State Trooper (Whitelisted)
  • SWAT (Whitelisted)
  • Police
  • Security Guard
  • Fisher
  • Medical Transporter
  • Weapons Smuggler
  • Detective (Whitelisted)
  • Uber
  • Mechanic
  • Hacker
  • Dispatcher
  • Traffic Guard
  • Military
  • Park Ranger
  • Border Patrol (With custom border)
  • FBI
  • Gang Unit’s
  • Police K-9 Unit
  • Military K-9 Unit
  • Police Pilot
  • US Coast Guard

If you want a good maintain server? Then feel free to join our server, or Discord. Well i hope i will see you on the server, If the server is full, just message us we will look in to another Server!

Discord: Click Here
Server: IGServers.xyz | Anyone can be Cops / Serious RP / Military/EMS/Police
Direct Connect:
Website: igservers.xyz
Email: fivem@igmanagement.org or contact@igmanagement.org

Thanks for joining - Staff Team InfinityNetwork


[Update 1.2] - Changed the Server name and some new Updates ingame!


Nice server!! I love it :smiley:


[Update 1.3] - Added: You can drive Trains, 300+ New custom car models + Some custom map updates!