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Greetings from Infinity Gaming! We are a community that comes from a garrysmod roleplay server named MethRP. We are a Semi-Serious community that allows the ability for anyone to roleplay as a COP. We believe that everyone should experience the chance to roleplay as a cop without going through a lengthy application process. However, if you are interested in being a part of a serious roleplaying structure then we offer the ability to join our ranks in the LSPD. Therefore, we would like to give FiveM a smack at it. Currently we are very new, and wanted to establish police ranks for firstly the LSPD section. We are currently running two servers, one for public use and a separate server for police department trainings and separate roleplaying scenarios we admirably do.
Since we are fairly new we would be absolutely delighted to see the outstanding potential you bring to the table. If you feel that you have a high sense of knowledge and understanding of roleplaying then visit our TeamSpeak at

For any applications to these positions please visit our TeamSpeak and wait for an interview. More information will be gathered and recorded from there.

The open positions currently stand for the Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos Police Department
Central Bureau
Vinewood Division 43 – NON-Restricted

Lieutenant – OPEN – Watch Commander
Lieutenant – OPEN – Watch Commander
Sergeant – OPEN – Section Leader
Sergeant – OPEN – Section Leader
Police Officer (I-III) - OPEN – Primary Response/Community Response
Dispatch Operator – OPEN - Communications

Until LSPD Quota is covered
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department
California Highway Patrol

Los Santos Fire Department/Emergency Services
South Bureau
Battalion 6
La Mesa Division 23

Fire Chief – OPEN
Assistant Chief – OPEN
Battalion Chief – OPEN
Captain- OPEN
Lieutenant – OPEN
Firefighter - OPEN

Civilian Departments
Govenor of Los Santos – OPEN
Mayor of Los Santos – OPEN
CEO of |Business| - OPEN
Gruppe 6 Security – OPEN
(Approved Businesses) - OPEN to Members

16+ preferred 18 and over.
Understand main principles of realism
Understand Maturity levels
Working Microphone
Legitimate copy of Grand Theif Auto V
Working FiveM capability

Server IP:


Bump, Visit our teamspeak today!


Super Dope :smiley: cant wait to check ya out


Sure have you seen our teamspeak yet?


Bump!!! Civilian sectors are filling


Great server, friendly admins and a lot of new open positions. Great for a new community. If anyone is interested in leading a department these guys know their shit :wink:


Is this still active I see it was only posted on day ago I would love to get into an RP group I joined the team speak but no one is in here. Hope to hear back.


Yes we are still active if you would like to add me on steam it would become a more convenient way of communication


We have switched to Blaine County Sheriffs Office, Positions remain open in separate deparment


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Currently still active and recruiting