Indiana State Police 2015 Slicktop Charger Addon


Here is the 2015 ISP Charger Add on file. You can add it as a resource itself or add it to other car addons. Its your choice. it does use Slot 7 in Police7 with correct lighting. You’ll need these files for the visuals to work correctly. Hope you enjoy. Its my first attempt at submitting something. It comes with both a marked skin & Unmarked skin for those that want it either way. Just simply put the Police7 folder into your resource folder & add " start Police7 " to your server.cfg and you’ll have it. :slight_smile: Thanks and have a great time. Hope you like it.

Download Here.


Thanks! Do you have a screenshot at all?


Here you go :slight_smile:

Added it to the original post, sorry bout that! lol i always forget small things


There is something wrong with the download.


Download is messed up, takes me to an error


Sorry about that @Pfotenhauer04 & @Narwhal , I’ve chosen a different hosting. its up and going now :slight_smile:


Very nice! Do you have any others?


None that i’ve published, there’s a bunch that are special made for my community :slight_smile:


@Kaskamp This is the error im getting


That’s strange, I put it in my server and ran it and it worked just fine for me…


I got this same exact error rip @Kaskamp