[Incomplete] Downloading FiveM on non-steam GTA V & Not Working

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GTA V most recent version
Legit copy?
Social Club?
Windows 10
Razor laptop GTX1060

Hi, I Downloaded Five M like 5 times and it worked then I copied and pasted it to my GTA V 64x folder. But it said updating then it brought me to something in Five M app that looked like a chat page. It never asked me to locate GTA and it never worked with GTA. All the tutorials I see are for steam. It’s definately user error but can someone help advise me on how to install it correctly?

That’s because you don’t copy and paste it into your GTA V Directory

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Where do you put it after you load all the files for that app. Do I paste tot somewhere Elise? I’ve tried just leaving it and it will update and then never ask for the file location of GTA.

open your citizenfx.ini file and add the path to your GTA5 directory.

How do I do that? I found the citizen folder but how to I link it to the gtaplaynow app?

in your FiveM Application Data folder there is a file called CitizenFX.ini open it with notepad locate Path= and put the path to your GTA5 directory to it.

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