In need of staff and all department members! come join!


Welcome to Alpha Bravo Roleplay Community!
We are currently looking for:
-LSPD Chief/Members
-Highway Members
-Sheriff Members
-Fire/EMS Chief/Members
-Staff Members
If you are interested in a layed back FiveM Server, come on and check out our discord: 1
Our community provides:
Custom Cars: (skins in the making)
CAD (still in the making)
Custom Peds
Referall Program (after 3 successful referrals you get a personal in-game car, that only you can drive)
Multiple Streamers
Layed back rules (you can dual clan)
Just great members looking to have fun!
So come and check us out! Even if you don’t apply!
We hope to see you soon!
Director -
A-1 - Hans
—Note: This server is still being developed, but is working. We are still adding in certain things and testing them. If you would like to develop, or help develop, hop in the discord and we can chat. Thanks!