In Need of Server Executive Staff & Developers!




I am RCG Gaming and I am need of a(n) Associate Deputy Director, Head Developer and Director of Business & Operations !

I have wanted to start up this community as I have seen the success in other well known FiveM servers. I need a base team to start recruiting members and to start up the server.

Please bare with me as I am new to the FiveM community. If you interested in any of the roles above then please email me at; !


  • Deputy Director: Baily Zachariah
  • Associate Deputy Director: VACANT
  • Executive Director of Administration: Roger Brown
  • Head Developer: AS OF NOW VACANT
  • Director of Business & Operations: VANCANT

Thanks for reading,

RCG Gaming
Director of Reckoning RPC 2018 ©


Hello, contact me on discord GamerKodes#1985


Mailed you. Just so you know.


I cannot get on discord, mail me like I said.


I sent you an email, I hope to be a great part of the community.


Thanks Knicks,

I am currently replying to other people’s email’s.


RCG Gaming


Our New Deputy Director is: Baily Zachariah!

I am currently deciding the rest of the above ranks


RCG Gaming


Add me on discord Tyler Moose#6227


How long does it take on average to decide a rank? Just wondering


Are you still playing on AFS. Also are you a member?


I may of decided the Exec Director of Administration.


I just sent an email


Please reply back !


Have you decided on exec director of administration


I don’t think that I can accept associate deputy director, sorry


Why’s That ? I thought you wanted to be EDoA ?




Hello, yes, I’m a Sheriff on AFS Roleplay, please visit us!

DM me on discord for the invite


If you are still looking for an admin for your server go ahead and message me…


I emailed you, I would love to be apart of this community. I would be a great addition to it. :slight_smile: