In need of a developer!



Hello! So I recently started my server up again, but I have an issue with the plugins etc. I’m unable to add plugins (becuase I have no idea how), and yes, I checked YouTube. I’m looking for a developer that knows how to do all these things, such as custom cop cars/map/playermodels/loading screen w/ music and all of that.

In return I’ll give you the developer rank on my Discord server, and CO-owner aswell. Thanks! - Pizza


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I’d be willing to help yuh out I do basic server scripting I have little knowledge of custom script creation but as all plugins can be found on the website its simple, I’m not really looking for a rank or anything full time but I could definitely help yuh! just send me a message with a way of contact
-LT El Jose


hey you still willing to help people i need some help setting up a server???
my discord is Darkmaster0270#0509


Message has been sent, just waiting for a respond :smiley:


XxPizzainTheHoodxX #7453