In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


Are you closing it with the mouse or with “esc”


I tried both with the same outcome


Thank you very much for this release! Can’t wait to spend some time with it to customize it for our community!


Did you change the name of the tab folder? Cause everyone else having that issue changed the name. And It says not to change the name from tab.


I do read. I just haven’t found a fix and the author was unable to find a fix for me. their for all i did was post it. didn’t see he had added it to known bugs.


Contact bubble support to see if there’s anything on their end they can do to help.


i have emailed them, as well as asked my buddy i told you about.


Okay, hopefully, they have some type of fix. It’d be great to get everyone’s cads working.


yes it would be. its just odd one site the menus not working. so it must be something on their end. hopefully and its easy fix hopefully.


We added some code to open the tablet as a chat command. Check the main post for information:


Any way to change the size of the tablet? Like make it be more of a rectangle rather than a square?


Yea of course check out the CSS rules for styling.


What do I change within the resource? I’ve edited both CSS docs and I was unable to change the size.


Did you try the .tab-wrap CSS rule in ui.html?


Here is an update on the pop-out issue. I’ve added it under Known Bugs on the main post. As stated I don’t know if this will break anything on peoples sites. Test it if you wish and get back to me on it.


That did it, thank you :slight_smile:


Is anyone else having freezing issues when trying to open and close the tablet? II get the same results when closing it with the mouse and esc button.


I haven’t had any reports of that yet. If you wanna contact me thru discord the link is on the GitHub readme. We can screen share and I’ll assist you in trying to fix this issue.


im getting failed to load resource any idea why ?


Something somewhere is showing you that error. Need more detail. Is it failing during start up of the server. Is it failing just when trying to open it? Screenshots of the error or copy and paste the error here. A simple “I’m getting failed to load resource” tells him nothing.

That being said, that is an error that generally shows up when you are loading the server. So, it’s one of a couple of things. None of which are the fault of the resource itself.

These are:

  • It’s not in your /resources folder
  • You have a folder inside of a folder


when it should be


  • You misspelled something, somewhere, somehow
  • Or you just plain forgot to upload it to your server

Always check the obvious reasons before coming to the author. If you can’t figure out this simple little error message, you shouldn’t be running a server.