In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


I can tell you it doesn’t like redirects or pop ups cause the game wasn’t ment to be a web browser. I have experienced game crashes, freezing and other weird stuff by using redirects and having windows pop up. At the moment I currently don’t have a better method.


Hi Kaden the tab is set to a percentage of your screen. If you look thru the CSS style you can find that out. Another thing I can’t stress enough is DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE TAB FOLDER. The mod needs to called tab.


how can i create this CAD website?


OpenCAD, search it in the #development:releases section


This looks like a mod I might want on my server hope to play with this in a few days :slight_smile:


I finally seen the issue with a popup. However, the discord bot, when you edit the settings on the titan website, you can set it to not open the sign in part in a separate popup.

Set this option to “true”.


Added that to the main post. Thanks for figuring that out.


There will still be an issue with anything that auto pops up and takes you out of game. I haven’t had an issue with tabbing out though. It was only a popup that something else generated.


Your absolutely right and unfortunately I knew this ahead of time and forgot to mention it as a known issue. We are working on some kinda of tabbing setup to try to avoid this.


So, you are looking to find a way to auto close it on loss of focus?


I think we have something that will. The next version will be more user-friendly as well and it will be easy to move your customizations over. We won’t be releasing anything tho until we have a full build. This will save on the devs having to move there stuff around so much.


sametarget=true still opens a new window in the tablet. this is something i still cant figure out how to login with it


Did you read and follow step 10 exactly as it says?


Because if you click a button, it will open another window


Yeh so you cant sign in properly right? you can just enter anything into the box like a admins name you see and start talking as him


If anybody here could take a look at this script. The bubble cad i use has drop down menus that can only be selected via the arrow keys if anyone knows a fix or can find one. i would appreciate it. i would like to be able to have the drop menus work.


Does no one read anything. Your issue is listed in the known issues.


I’m not sure why you have issues.

I open discord

Put my name in and hit enter

Do the “Captcha” stuff (popups)

Then finish loading the bot

And I’m in and talking to my discord server

Never once clicking a button except for the captcha stuff.


If your bubble app isnt displaying contact support at bubbble to have iframes allowed on your app. This has be added to the issues undeer the main post.


Having an issue where when you close the tab you can’t do anything, I’ll I’m able to do is open the console, can’t even close the game. Only have a mouse cursor Any ideas?