In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


Advertising what? I offeredone on one support in the discord vs flooding this comment section. I dont have a fivem server nor am i offering any services other then support @Briglair


How can I make it so It closes with the same key as it is to open it rather than(or aswell as ESC)?


Under ui.html around line 335 It has a comment above it explaning what its doing. Chnage the key number to 244 for m.


Thank you for your reply. I changed it but it now only shows if I hold the key down


To be honest, keybinds are getting far and few between. It would be nice to have an option to open it with a text command.


I’m sure that could be easily added in and if you are running outta keybinds you can always combined keys together to open it. i.e. ctrl + m or something


I’ve never had any luck with that. For instance, I have a menu on the M key. If I use both ctrl+M I would get both the tab and the menu coming up


Actually, it’s not even that I’m running out of keys. It’s that I’m out of keys that don’t conflict with the controller.


Your right i have experienced that before. and finding something that doesnt mess with the controller is alot harder then it sounds lol. I can look into making a register command script in there and ill comment it out so peopel can chose what they want.


That would be great as long as it’s not too hard to do. I’m not trying to put extra work on you, you’ve provided a fantastic script already.


Its actually fairly easy, theres a wiki page explaining it i think. If i get time tonight i’ll whip it up.


So im not allowed to add discord into this script ?


lol you should add a netflix to this so cops can roleplay their actually watching netflix :joy:


No, there was a link to the author’s personal discord in the OP. Not talking about not being allowed to add discord to the tablet.


Already has YouTube, close enough LOL


ahh okay. thanks :slight_smile: was shocked ^^


Hello when a new window is pop up if we exit it the tablet freeze and we need to alt+f4 and relaunch the game to quit. Is ther a way to force the tablet to restart after we quit a pop up window ?


I have yet to see the tablet freeze. How are you trying to exit it. Ideally, you want to click the button while on the home screen. However, have you tried to open your F8 console and restarting the resource? I don’t know if that will work, but it might close the tablet.

Now, out of the box, this tablet works great. So I’m curious what modification you did that might have broken it?


whats is the Width & Height For The Tablet


It is only whent a popup appear like when i try to login to discord , a external window of confirmation show up and when i close this external window , the tablet cannot be close anymore, another way to broke : on youtube you click on the “watch on youtube button” now a popup with youtube apear , when i close this the tablet freeze and impossible to close it with esc key or pressing the button in the tab