In-Game Tablet with Web Based CAD/MDT Support


make a new section by copy and pasting another section or change the href link on an existing one.


Thanks @AminYadevice


possible to add mazebank account consultation?


please some one guide me to get the discord thing to work


You would have to do that on your end as not everyone uses the same money system.


ok but how to call a function of a file lua in a html file
it’s complicated when you do not have huge skills ^^


My Discord & Cad Are Just A Little Box Not The Whole Tablet Screen Can Someone Help?


Nevermind I Got It This Tablet Is Amazing Though


Is There Anyway To Add Teamspeak??


Great you got it figured out and as for teamspeak im not sure it that would work as its not web based.


Oh Ok Thanks For The Help


For anyone wanting to change the icons. These are what is used.

just change the name in this line:

<i class="myicon material-icons">school</i>

In the ui.html to one of the names on the linked page


Whats Is The Tablet Width And Height


just to know
is it possible to do this feature or not?
or I’m looking for nothing
just have the balance on the screen

thanks for help


hey great it works! But is it possible to create channels with it ?


Like your bank balance? It’s very possible. You’d have to code it in yourself tho as there are many different money systems out there and not everyone uses the same one. If you do get a build going for a money system , I’d be happy to include the files and instructions to use them for others.


Just use discord to create channels. The bot doesn’t support voice chat and you won’t have any roles, so you won’t see any text channels that require anything above being a member.


thanks. i talked to one of the devs. Yep no way to make channels


Removed discord. PSA on Advertising in Releases


Thank you
But I do not think I have enough knowledge to be able to code this