IMPROV RP - A Place to Improvise [ In-house devs | CAD / MDT | Accepting in all deartments! ]



Hi I’m FAXES, from IMPROV RP we are a California law based role-play community. At IMPROV RP we are proud to say that we have less than 20 resources but with great and many scripts that are in one resource. As tested this has reduced overall server lag and improved efficiency. The server is serious RP only, the admins are friendly and listen to member suggestions to improve the server. The IMPROV RP Server features custom scripts and cars made by our in house developers, but to use its not all about the custom scripts and cars, because everyone has that.

We believe in the people as well, we take every suggestion, comment, and other things and put them to the ‘max’. One thing I stride on is great admins. We (admins) at IMPROV RP don’t ban or kick people unless its a huge problem. We talk to people first and make user experience and thoughts better.

So ditch the other drama filled community’s and join a great relaxed server that provides great support to our members. IMPROV RP is not just one community for FiveM, we also have Farming Simulator and ATS.

Our Departments Include:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Service
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • San Andreas Fire and Medical
  • Communications
  • Civilian Branch

Civilian is open publicly but full time civilian can be given. Anyone is welcome to join the TeamSpeak and talk to a member of the Recruitment Division. You can also apply for a department listed above on the forums.

We hope to see you around in the server and to see you become a member

If you require any assistance an admin is always around. Server suggestions can go on the forums.


We are currently looking for people to be supervisors within the community and active to take leadership when needed.


Improv RP Recruitment Division

Any private servers who are menu based?
Looking for DOJ type Server
Becoming an RP civilian

Hello all We have now got a working CAD / MDT. Come over and join IMPROV RP


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I must say when i first came to over to IMPROV RP, I really wasn’t sure what I was walking into. But I was greatly surprised on what happened. I spoke to admins that cared about the server and cared about the members. They take every suggestion and look at it. It truly is like the members have a voice on the server. the departments are good and the RP is amazing. They really seem like just good guys all around. I would rate this server 10 stars if I could, it takes a lot for a server to stay alive and become a successful community, however the guys at IMPROV RP seem to have the devotion and are willing to work for it.

P.S. If you have the chance go check them out, I think you will be surprised.


New Custom cars are in for BCSO!


This sever is the best we have fun and the admin treat you like a person. JOIN THE SERVER AND FIND OUT FOR YOUR SELF


added new info and picture in main post.


Civilian and Police departments are hiring again. Pop on TeamSpeak today and speak to an FTO.


Also a Custom CAD / MDT is in the works. as well as custom cars and scripts. Hop on!


Bump. The Forums were down today for maintenance. It’s all back up now :slight_smile:. Also Custom scripts are being put in and active development.

Training sessions will be back on in January, so apply before training sessions get full! Jump on the forums to apply.



The Forums have been redone with a new look. You can now apply so much easier. Go take a look.


Alright everyone,

IMPROV RP is going to be conducting a blitz hiring session today. Anyone looking for a community to join and play in. Is incouraged to join our TS today between 3pm and 11pm pst. Should you join during this time you will be fast tracked through the hiring and training.

We currently have a round 30 active members and all departments are hiring.

So come on over and check us out and speak to KEVKILO9 or FAXES.


We now have many civilian vehicles and adding new police packs in now. Hop over and speak to one of our members.


We have published our Civilian vehicles Here go check em out


Still one of the best server Faxes is who you will wanna talk to about being a civ and Kilo is a sheriff so talk to him for LEO JOIN Today and get all Civ cars unlocked and a CAD