Importanter: Linux® build updates coming soon


Is there really coming linux client?


no just another mystery


This isn’t about a Linux client. It’s about the server software for Linux. The elements have answered multiple times about a Linux Client, there’s no current plans.


The most recent status still seems to be the case: An API call that FiveM uses is not implemented on Valve’s Proton or whatever else people are using.

Strontium didn’t respond to the question after their post asking if the client would run anyway, I’m assuming that the client wouldn’t work otherwise and that’s why there are no further announcements on a Linux client.


A Linux client…? What are you talking about? Since when does GTA V run on Linux?


GTA V doesn’t natively run on Linux, but Valve has this project called Proton which is a fork of some other projects which is aimed at getting traditionally Windows-only games working on Linux. Here’s the page for GTA V.

Because the base game seems to work decently well on Linux right now, folks are wondering about getting FiveM to work on Linux, but that currently isn’t possible for the post I linked above.


I’m still lost lmao.

Are people using Linux having any issues right now?


Oh yeah, lots of issues, but currently none of them are related to FiveM-on-Linux.


its a fork of wine developed by valve with the help of the wine team


Has there been any update on this?


Linux builds are already back for quite some time.

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This topic is for Linux server builds, not client compatibility.


Linux: 1141 - 2019-Mar-19 07:20
Windows: 1180 - 2019-Apr-15 14:42

Seems there was another hiccup in it’s return/continuation.


That’s what I’m thinking and feeeling neglected :rofl:

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If there are no important changes, then Linux will not be built. Simple as that.


I got after many attempts and setup and recompilation from various sources to open the FiveM using Wine compiled in proton separately from the steam and running game. the problem that it opens prompts to put user and password of the social club more then closes giving an error in libcef.dll. investigating, I discovered that the problem is a ros.fivem.internal host that was solved pointing to the host the address of the rockstar for authentication using a redirection called “redir” it opens the game more when it will access the main menu, closes the screen and generates a coredump. probably some bug pointer bugging


I’m going to take a screenshot of the screen to get them excited about the possibility of playing fivem on Linux. Compiling the project in linux I tried most accusing dozens of errors that would take time to fix and implement


owo this looks interesting


Running Linux Mint 19 - Wine 4.2 (Compiled Proton Project - the nt.c(Wine) file was changed so that FiveM.exe does not run as an administrator)

[Request]FiveM Linux Client?

Any ETA for when Linux builds will come back?

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