[Important] Problem when I run my FX Server


That’s when I run my FX server does not make me a mistake and I do not know how to solve it.

My mistake :

An idea ?

Thanks You


Please Read https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Running_FXServer
step 5


I did not understand the steep 5, can you explain?


it says Run the server from the server-data folder.

if you don’t understand this step you shouldn’t try to run a server


Ah ok, I have to start the run.cmd which has in the files of my server. That’s all ? Because when I do it there is only the sessionmanager who start but the rest does not and when I try to connect the server does not appear in my list


@Bluethefurry An idea for my probleme ?



Yes add the server.cfg, please read the wiki thoroughly…

It doesn’t start any resources because the server.cfg file is missing. Sessionmanager is the only resource that gets started by default.



I have the server.cfg look at them

I do not understand the problem


Make sure the server.cfg is in the correct path. It is clear that the server.cfg isn’t being loaded.
(server.cfg should be in the server-data folder, make sure that the .bat file is pointing to the correct path)


I have not understood too much sorry, how can I see if the server.cfg and well configured?


you wrote the coomand wrong. it’s " run.cmd +exec server.cfg".


If when I do it its


cd c:\serveur

run.cmd +exec server.cfg

so simple yet so hard :thinking:


That’s ez purpose, look when I do it’s me do it.

this mistake


Please… Read the wiki very thorougly, get your stuff straight…
It is not that hard.


Dude, I did it and redo when I start the server directly with the run.cmd its made me an error of this type:

And when I start the server with the command :

I have done exactly what they say in the wiki and I have these errors


You need to run it from the folder, as you don’t understand what’s meant by it follow these two steps i just posted


If you don’t know what you’re doing please don’t start with a FXServer.
@Bodeg his solution has to work otherwise you can’t normaly configure you’re server.

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simply go go to cmd the do this

cd…[till u only see C:/]
then oviously type in where ur server is in my case i called it FXServer on the c drive so it would be
cd FXserver
then when ur there
run.cmd +exec server.cfg

there can not be a better tutorial then that lol


Ok, guys I’ve done, Thanks for your help