Important: FiveM Linux server builds at risk


APT is pretty smart with dependencies. You can have multiple versions of a library installed…although it highly depends on the library being used.


Really? I host my server for 5 years. Now what i have to do to keep going with fivem? Change evrything? I’ve also websites and projects on that server :confused:


This post and yourself are the last thing people are caring about right now.

boo hoo it affects you, it affects the other ~%40 as well.


Yup i know, but i’m working hard on a server and i don’t want all of this wasted…


have you tried [](http://Linaro Toolchain) i know it fixed many errors compiling bigass c/c++ sources (like android source code)


Will this apply for zap hosting?


As much as I shit post on this account, this is a serious thing, and seeing the “importanter” pinned tag, I wish the wonderful element staff good luck with this bug and might I say, this was a damn good way of presenting this information to us, the users! Hopefully y’all can get a build out soon and allow for many of us to beta test it. Good luck guys!

  • NotBootium.


This post literally scared the shit out of me


So running a Debian 9 server will get you into problems sooner or later?
Damn, I’ll never switch to a Windows based server.


not all hopes are lost my friend, i suggest you check this other topic out as well:


Welp, was fun while it lasted!


linux builds started coming out again though?