Import Object Model


Is there a tutorial or can someone help with importing object models? I have san andreas game objects converted for GTA V FIveM and want to import just a few of the basic models from san andreas without invoke-levelload, but rather like I would have in MTA using engineReplaceModel.


This stuff:

Except for FiveM capable GTA V .ybn .ytr .ytd files. How to Import?

FiveM Client Home is Taunting me!

Maybe someday…

Any known workarounds possible? Like importing objects as vehicles? or player skin models? or levelloading the entire gta v map with it referencing and downloading only the one new model, and loading everything else from the players native gta v map as normal?

How is no one interested in this? You can barely find an MTA server not using this function.


Thanks for adding another suggestion! Glad you are enjoying it.

Care to share how you do the voodoo you do??