Immortal RP Community (A Serious RP Server)



Welcome to the Immortal RP Community where we strive to give you the most realistic, enjoyable, and fun Roleplaying experience you can have.

Anyone Can Be Cop


What we have to offer:

  • Custom Player Models and Customization
  • Custom Vehicle Models with Realistic Handling and Damage
  • Custom menu’s and commands
  • Self made scripts to help make RP a little easier and better for you and your friends
  • A dedicated Staff team whose goal is to make sure you have a seamless and smooth Experience while on our server
  • CAD/MDT System for interaction with police (Also lets you set up your characters drivers and weapons licenses)
  • Many more features that will constantly be added or fixed as our server continues to build

We are Currently hiring for Police/EMS/Server Staff



Hey guys, we are currently carrying out some good RP and doing on the spot interviews and training for our Sheriff and Highway departments. If your looking for a community with good roleplay and would like to get on the police force easily now would be the best chance to come and apply. We are a small but up and coming community with a lot of good guys who like to do realistic role play.



We are slowly gaining some more ground with members and staff. We have our dedicated staff team on for on the spot interviews happening rn for our LEO and EMS force, if you would like to get a head start on these spots come pop in now to reserve your place, or just come do some good RP with us


+1 Highly recomend it good custom serious rp server!


+1 Great addons a very serious server I give it a 10/10


Found the server on day one and can say its one of the best I’ve found so far! Great RP and staff!


gave this server a try and it just started and has a lot of good people


This server is great i tried it out and its got alot of active admins and is a good server!


great server, great staff, and very quality players, its new, but in time, i feel the server/community will do exceptionally well, Come check it out!


Thank you all for the support… We have some HUGE updates live on the server now, only a few people on at the moment, but i would ask that you please give us a shot to impress you with our RP and server scripts, we work really hard to ensure you all have a great time.



Come join us we have alot of good people on rn


Hello, just wanted to let you know that it seems the discord link is inactive.

  • This happened whenever I tried to copy and paste.


Hello, My apologies let me change it to an active one.

you may use this one to join: cc3kXbc


hopefully ^ that will help


Thank you for the update!

I’ll probably join tomorrow if I find the time.


if u wanna join an FiveMRP server open this!

we need staff, LEO FIRE/EMS, and shit loads of civs boys, were at 60 members, and working on completely custom content!

join the discord here

Immortal Roleplay


Bump bump bump <3



We are currently doing some big RP scenarios and have active LEO and EMS online to aid in doing some good RP, come join and help us celebrate. :slight_smile: