Image based menu



Is it possible to code a menu based on the designed GUI ?

We would like to display a phone .png with icons (police, message, ems…) and be able to click/select option on it

Should we go for Lua or Html ?

Thanks for you support


Seems that would be better to do with html, css, Javascript, and Lua. If you know how to or if you know someone who can do it that way.


Thanks for you answer xander1998

Based on this : [How-To] Use NUI (UI Creation with HTML) ?


That would be a starter. AND no problem. Hope I helped.


Thanks !

Do you know someone capable of it ? I provide the design and have knowledge of htlm/css but not js/lua :frowning:


I don’t know anyone that will be willing to do it for you. Sorry. But search around maybe someone will teach you.


Alright thanks anyway, also do you know if somone have already made a htlm/lua menu ?


I haven’t checked the forums lately for that but do some searching and see if you find anything on that topic.