I'm Looking to Dev and Make Vehicle Skins/Textures for an established community or server. (focusing on skins/textures rn but do the rest as well)


Hello. I’m looking for either an established or starting LIFE COMMUNITY and/or a trainer based server looking to transfer over to a non trainer (life) server to develop for. I’m usually a one man team unless if I invite a friend to help me. I have two custom frameworks and would be willing to put forward that as a dev. That wouldn’t happen right when I start as I’d like to gain trust first.

As far as forums go, I currently have an IPS Community Suite up and running that you can take a look at to see what I can do. Access Forum Here if at any point this is down, use this

If you’d like to contact me, please PM me on the forums, leave a reply, or for faster response pm me on discord @.JPaps#6653 Please note, I don’t accept or request any form of payment regarding development within the FiveM community.


Please contact me on discord @ Braden H.#9035


Check us out. We’d love to bring you on board if you can provide substantial assistance to our current operations. Feel free to message me on Discord as well. > Franky | LLRP#8182


I’m still currently looking. It doesn’t need to be a huge amount of people just has to have people that are truly dedicated.


You Still looking for a community to dev in?



I like what you’ve just described above. I’ve built server myself and I am pretty comfortable to run it in general. But I could definitely use some assistant, since there is growing work I just don’t wanna pay my attention to, so I can focus more on scripts and research and further development.

I am talking here about assistence for looking up GPS coords, formatting text by provided example (eg. getting list of cars for adding to CAD via SQL file) and other things I can tell you how to do. I just have only two hands and one keyborad :slightly_smiling_face:

My server is working with ESX and we don’t use any trainers.

If you would like this kind of cooperation, take a look at link below and contact me on Discord.


I would but, not really an area im looking to get in to.
I recently got dicked over so, I’m likely on my last attempt. Anyone else, feel free to post. I had a sweet IPS website up and running after 2 days and re did the whole game server. That is what I’m mainly looking for atm.


I hope you will find what you are looking for then. Good luck!


please add me Gibo_38#6645 would like to have a chat with you thanks


Hey JPaps, were a new 18+ community that is looking for talented developers to make a team to create our own scripts, if your still looking around for a place to stay, feel free to come on over, Ill leave a link below for you,


Can I have your discord?


@SACRP_Alt What’s yours?

@TheNorthernRP Not 18.


B. Taylor#5028
((20 Chars))




Hello I am starting up my own community and we would love to have you on our team working together to improve the server. If you are interested contact me on Discord EldestWord4#7421.


Hey @JPaps I Just Got Dicked Over By The Same Guy XD. PM Me If You Have Any Luck


Was mid project and they called it quits. Still available. Feel free to add me on discord @.JPaps#6653


Updated. PM on Forums or leave simple reply.



Hey bud i just thought ide throw two cents in there as well lol. I’m the owner of Heartland Justice System Roleplaying Community. Whitelisted police|Cad Mdt|Xbr410 Fire Vehicles/Police|Custom Scripts|Updated police station with basement jail and offices|Updated Fire Station with three bays|Custom car skins|Addon Replace Cars Active staff and members. We do a daily patrol and night patrol every day of the week. We offer Blaine County Sheriff, State Police, San Andreas Fire Rescue and Blaine County Vol Fire. Sub-Div We have ASU, Detective, K9, DTU, Swat, Gang. Here is my discord if your interested https://discord.gg/RyfUZjA


check forum pms thanks in advanced.

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