I'm in a need of help, and hope someone here can help me out


Hello out there

Me and my friends are in need of help, whit our new upstartet danish rp server. So there for i hope some friendly poeple here that can help us out.

I’m Looking for to scripts/mod.

  1. Im looking for something that can disable names ingame, over players heads.

  2. I have a problem whit my server that i have my own fuel system, So i i ran out of gas in my car, and i steal a new car, i still need gas. I will need it to be random gas fuel every npc cars. Anyone that know how i could fix that?.

I hope some can help me out.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I can only help with the first thing, try this out, works for me. [Release] Disable Player Blips & Overhead Names

As for the second thing, I don’t know lua.


Hey FordPIU

  • Im gonna try it !



Hello, so about the fuel system it all really depends on what you are using on the server as is.
Theres a bunch of fuel systems out there preset up. So its a easy install that would fix all your issues if your still having them. After searching and testing many different fuel systems for my server i decided to use this one.
And so far it works great with no issues and yes random car fuel when you get in a car for the first time.

Fuel level synchronized between players vehicles
Vehicle’s dashboard shows actual fuel level
Randomized fuel level for NPC’s vehicles
RPM based fuel consumption
Vehicle max torque and acceleration has impact on overall fuel consumtion rate
Original fuel tank capacity for every vehicle, taken from handling
All gas stations that is in game are available

Hope this helps if you still need help that is lol.