Im buy a FiveM Element Club Argentum


im need activation my key for a server


Use the keymaster to obtain a key. It is linked to your forum account.


How to change 31 loops to 255 loops in scripts so that OneSync works


Change things like:

for i=0, 31 do


for i=0, 256 do

and for this line
for i=1, #data.weapons, 1 do
for i=1, #data.licenses, 1 do
for i=1, #data.inventory, 1 do
for i=1, #data.accounts, 1 do
i can´t make for work this help me please


No! You don’t change it for table lengths.


im have a problem with a esx_spectate

i need change the loops

for i=0, 32, 1 do
then i change to this?
for i=0, 255, 1 do


yes you would change it to that:

for i=0, 256 do
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Where do I change this value in which file?


More what archive change ?


I’m have problem with esx_policejob
I must to change
local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1) to local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(254) right`?


Absolutely not, it does not say anywhere to do this ._. please read the OneSync topic carefully.