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Dedicated to bring every new member a friendly roleplaying experience

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Welcome to the official server of the Illinois LEORP a Fivem community.

Update we are now offering a custom lspdfr script. This new script allows anyone to pull over the ai, write tickets, search their vehicle, search the ai, cuff, drag, book, breath test, drug test and much more!

Integrity, Service, Pride

A dedication to serve
does not have to end
with an honorable

We are a brand new server based here in the state of Illinois commited to unite people together. The server was created not only for the people Illinois, but for anyone who wants to join our community regardless of how much experience you have.

What the community can offer you!

We offer a trainer based server using lambda menu for a better roleplaying experience. All LEO deapartments have their own custom made vehicle liverys and we also offer custom made peds for the different departments.

About the server

We primarily are fouced on Illinois law enforcement, such as the Illinois State Police and Springfield Police, but we also offer lore friendly like Blaine County Sheriff. We would like to see membes join from Illinois and the surrounding states. We are also focused on gathering players in hand helping them anyway shape or form. We have an organised community where departments, subdivisions and kept up to date along with updating our discord and forums.

Leo Departments

  • ISP Illinois State Police

  • Springfield Police

  • Blaine County Sheriff Department

We also offer San Andreas Fire Rescue and multiple subdivisions to choose from


  • Illinois State Police- Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

  • Illinois State Police- Crime Scene Investagator

  • BCSO- Detective

  • BCSO- Air Support

  • BCSO- Drug Traffic Unit

  • BCSO- K9

  • BCSO- Fugitive Recovery Unit

  • BCSO- Swat Team

  • BCSO- Motorcycle Unit

We also offer other departments that you can join such as, civilian department and dispatching.

Server updates & Scripts

The server is updated once or twice a week with adding different updates and scripts. We have a custom cad system that is easy to use along with sevaral departments to choose from. We have over 50 + police vehicles including marked vehicles to unmarked vehicles. Custom made vehicle skins, addon replace vehicles, updated ymaps, custom scripts and custom peds.

Our mission, Values, Statement

The mission of the Illinois LEORP is to ensure the safety and security of the public through strong community partnerships and excellence in policing.

We will accomplish our mission by remaining proactive in our partnerships with the community, enforcement of the law, training and commitment to excel as an organization

We value all members of our departments and our community. We are committed to providing exceptional public service, and doing so with



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ILLEORP-Illinois Leorp is hiring all departments!


We are still looking for members who wanna join our community. We have community officer spots open along with sheriff and illlinois state police. Fire/EMS is also oepn!


Friendly community.


Looking for members , police , Fire & ems


If your not interested in applying you can always be a public aux


Such a friendly community
Very Professional
nice edited map
people are nice
if rules are broken they are handled appropiatly
this server is a huge Recomendation



Thank you for showing your support towards the server.


Staff members wanted along with leo, fire and civ. Possible high ranks inquire with in the discord thank.


Hiring all departments + staff


We are now offering a new custom lspdfr script into the server!


Discord count is growing everyday. Check us out !


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Welcome to Illinois Ieorp we are still accepting apps