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Hello, thanks for stopping at this post, iHigh is a newly started server and we got a lot of different things on our server, like custom cars and peds. We also offer many jobs like FIB, BCSO/LSPD/LSSD. We here at iHigh just love roleplaying and to cooperate. This is actully why we want you to join us.

There is a lot of benefits of joining us, you get to have fun roleplay. You also get to meet new people, + the server is 24 / 7 up. So no worries about it shutting down into a rp scenerio.

Here is some custom security cars we added!

We are also having a lot more, come to our discord for some more pictures and roleplay!

Thanks for reading and taking the time.


Those are not custom cars they are cheap textures, one in fact is default. And 2 of them are most likey drag and drop .ytf or ytd files.


You also plastered the default lightbar onto some of them which will not appeal. This is constructive criticism btw.


I think the server needs a bit more development from what I’ve seen to be advertised publicly.


Hey, I understand. I will look into more plugins and development.


sir your invite kink is expired?


Here is a new one: