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Hello all!!

I’m Ray the Director of ISRP and I’m proud to bring you a community called Idaho State Roleplay!

What we offer is realistic roleplay with LORE Friendly skins based in Boise (LS), Ada County (Blaine County) and of course Highway ruled by Idaho State Police!

I am happy to announce all leo members will be able to participate in all 3 leo departments.
We’re officially a WHITELISTED Server and so come join this amazing group of guys who loves nothing more than great roleplay from everyone.
We are a civilian based first community. All applicants can apply for any of the department below but will first begin as a civilian as a way to see how well you do in rp. Afterwards you will be trained for your desired department that you signed up for.

Departments we have currently:

Boise PD - LSPD (OPEN)
Ada County Sheriff - BCSO (OPEN)
Idaho State Police - SAHP (OPEN)
Boise Fire Department - SAFD(OPEN)
Civilians of Idaho (OPEN)
911 Dispatch (OPEN)

Requirements to join:
Mature players 15 years old minimum
Must be fluent in English
A working microphone
A valid copy of GTA V

Thanks in advance!
Idaho State Roleplay Management


bump- Still looking to hire you Chi-hards!


bump- Still looking to hire you Chi-hards!


bump- Still looking to hire! Come join us!


bump- Still looking to hire! Come join us!


That discord link is invalid


link is valid for me


Just in case it still isn’t working.


Great Community with some great people highly recommend joining.


bump- Still looking to hire! Come join us!


Massive hiring for all departments! Come join Idaho State Roleplay!




Bump - Idaho State Roleplay is recruiting for all departments:

- San Andreas Law Enforcement
- San Andreas Fire Rescue
- Civilians of San Andreas

Join now!

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