Icon Logo wont change, help!


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It’s all okey only need to know how to write and what to add in my server.cfg when the small icon logo wont load!Skärmklipp


Is it a 96x96 PNG icon? Is it in the main directory of your server?


main directory? what do you mean


In the main folder of your server…



it’s here


Is it in the right place?


Yes. Are you referencing the icon in server.cfg as icon.png? The name needs to match the filename.


Yes because you only need to add the picture in this place, name it something.png then add the same pic name in load_server_icon =

load_server_icon logo.png




now it should be right…


The file name will need to be icong.png if thats what you set in the config.


sidewaays.png and the name of the icon is icon.png… Seems like a discrepancy.

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look at my response above again, i fixed it, is that right?


I don’t know if its right, I don’t have access to your server files.

Whatever your file name is for the picture, you need to put there. So, if it’s icon.png (From the pic you posted a few posts back), then yes, it’s correct.


Okey… because now the file name for the picture is icon.png

and on the server.cfg is stands : # loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)
load_server_icon icon.png

which should be right? do i need to remove a space between "icon icon.png?


No, should be good now.



still the same fade picture after i restarted and deleted cache…


Maybe the server-list has to refresh you icon, wait a couple of minutes.


Thank you for the help! <3 hope this works


Thank you too Briglair! <3


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