IceCon has a trojan virus


Uhm so just to request some information here my whole admin staff has been using icecon for almost 5 months now and all of us got alerted that it has a trojan virus and even a fresh DL contains the trojan. is there a another RCON we could use?




It’s open source, I highly doubt there is a virus.


Thats what i said until it popped up on everyones pc. Soooo we just wanted to warned.
Ethier way we wont be using it for this reason.


I doubt that it does as well… With it being open source, and antivirus software being shitty…

There’s been reports previously of people saying FiveM is a virus (because their antivirus told them it was)… Which obviously isn’t true… PLUS IceCon is the officially supported Rcon.


Far from a trojan, more like an over-aggressive antivirus spitting out false positives. The software is open source and represents no malicious act. Your best bet is to upload a sample to the antivirus company / vendor or add to exclusions unless, you know, you are easily manipulated with false facts and want to just not use the RCON tool.


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