I would need help


I ask, why can not I save my last position when I leave my server, when I leave I spawn somewhere with another character, and how can I store cars in the dealership? I have a concept that I want to implement it and that’s why I also want to sell cars there when it goes, of course, and why else do I have no glass there?

see screenshots

and I would be very happy if here are some German! :), if someone has a bit of a bit of knowledge with scripts, etc., and would like to make a server with me, I do not know all that well and would need a bit of help with scripts, etc.



If you had a short time and teamviewer to make I did not understand, maybe I’ve done so but unfortunately I do not know


So I did it with the glass, but unfortunately I do not know how to do it


Please would be really correct of you, I know unfortunately not with sql


can you help me please ?