I was banned, but i wasn't using any hacks!?


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I signed in today, like anyother, and tryed to join a server to play on…
i was then meet with a message saying “you have been globally banned for cheating . this ban will expire in 13.3 days.”

however i have no idea why i have been banned… i have found some people saying that they got banned for using injector scripts, which i have not done…i only use fivem supplied menu’s, like lamda and simple trainer.

Is there anyone who can tell me what has happened???!!


The only way you can get banned is by injecting stuff into FiveM. I also recall something on the ban message about the staff not being able to help you with this.

You did bad stuff, you got caught, you got banned. No unbans.


thats the thing… i havent done anything… i have only used menus that are on fivem


Do you use injectors for other things such as CS or something like that?


FiveM does not come with any menus out of the box. Where did you get the files from?


I can only assume He was talking about lambda, Saying that the only way fivem will ban you is if you inject un-authorized programs into your game.


Yeah I get that, but FiveM does not ship with Lambda, you need to install that yourself (don’t you?).


Yes. But lambda doesn’t need to be injected. It’s a client side plugin.


Ok, but he said:

Which makes me think that he got them elsewhere, and may contain an extra little somethin’ somethin’ :wink:


Well clearly not, as he is not banned.


I don’t follow what you mean…? :confused:


My bad, I miss read the post.


Haha, no worries, you had me all muddled up there for a moment :smile:

I think my point still stands:

If he got FiveM files from somewhere else, there is a chance something is in there.


That might be the case. But as far as I am aware FiveM will not ban you unless something has been actually injected into the base files. Not through a plugin like lambda.


No I understand that, I mean if he got files of a friend/forum/etc for example, and they do legitimately have an injecting in the FiveM files and he does not know about them, then :man_shrugging:


Well I mean even if this is true there is nothing fivem can do about it to revoke it so I guess he will just have to sit it out.


Global bans, like stated above, are always the result of something being injected into the game. If you believe you didn’t do it, and for the record, you’re the only one who knows the truth, then your account could be compromised and someone else may have injected something using your account. However, this is up to you to be truthful about what could’ve happened.

Anyway, like the ban message states, FiveM staff is unable to help you in this case. The only thing you can do is wait out the ban while it lasts.


yeah i get that i have to wait… but i am worried about it happening again… like i said i have only used lamda menu and simple trainer, that’s why i am so curious about the ban.


Well, at the end of the day it only detects injections which lambda and simple trainer do not do, so whatever got you banned is something you tried injecting into GTA5’s client.

So as long as you dont do that you will be fine.


Simple thing to do is wait until the ban is over and fully reinstall your FiveM so nothing is injected.