I not find my server with FiveM


Hii all i’m sorry i’m not good in english …
I follow a tutorial for créate lmy server & it’s OK i use Uwamp & not Wamp
With Uwamp i use port 81 because the port 80 is already connected
I lunch Uwamp & the run for my server , i have 0 error all it’s ok
I launch FiveM for play on my server but i not find my server :///
i can connect to my server if i go in ( Direct connect ) I inter localhost & i can play on my server !!
But i want find my server in the list for look if my logo is changed .
I want my friend come in my server and i need can find my server .
Normally i opened the port 30120 TCP & UDP


Unfortunately I am having the same problem.

My Server is not listed but it is running.

Maybe someone can help us.


After trying some thing, the only thing which helped me was completly deleting the server files and redownload/ reconfigure it.


I’m having the same problem on my own


Same. Tried disabling firewall, fowarding ports. Have this problem since the update.


& after u can find ur server ?


Yes, now I can find my Server and also connect over the public IP to it