I need the onesync key

After the update of fivem server 64 players online I need the onesync key

is onesync even released yet? i didnt see it in there recent update change logs.

The current, highly unstable, OneSync branch got merged to master to make testing easier. Now more people are seeing it and wanting to start a 64 slot server.

It is VERY unstable and not fit for anyone to use in production. There are ways to get it working, but only those with enough knowledge about the product should and will know how.

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my server is online with a limit of 64 players I tried to activate the function but they told me that I need the key http://prntscr.com/iztjev

That’s not a key :slight_smile:

Have a look at the FiveM source code for the OneSync commit and you’ll figure it out :wink:

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Somehow there is a cap at 32 even though i have 64 slots? anyone here that knows how to open it to full 64 slots?

I’ll have a look at the source code for the OneSync commit and let you know what I find. I don’t know c++ but I’ll take a shot at it. Would be cool to provide an answer that’s useful for future developers passing by.

you can’t, this setting being available with onesync_enabled false is a bug.

there is policy restricting allowed servers, currently only official load tests (and local LAN servers) are allowed to use +set onesync_enabled 1.

yeah I saw:

bool OneSyncEnabled = false;

lol, I was about to try to recompile the client with it set to true

@palladium is there anyway to become on the whitelist for onesync?

There is no whitelist currently.

Yes there is. I activated it and my members could not join it because the server said we were not on the whitelist for onesync

This is correct. It tells you that you are not on the whitelist for OneSync, but there is no open whitelist at this time.

Only test servers for elements have been whitelisted afaik. Nobody is able to use it unless invited to join an element test server. Currently there is no way to apply for your server to be added to the whitelist.

how did you get 64 players? i’m changing everything i can but still get the error on loading the server

You cannot have 64 player slots. It’s not officially out

Ooooh it seemed to good to be true