I need help


When I join any server my fivereborn crashes not responding message it runs great when i take out the plugins folder I don’t get it someone please help me here is my GTA V directory and FiveReborn directory.
![alt text]https://i.gyazo.com/d5cd786ace36c292917a0e339af50148.png(image url)


can anyone help me with the Player Location Display mod it crashes my fivereborn when trying to join servers i don’t know why when i take out the PLD.asi file it lets me join servers fine no crash.


i see OpenIV.asi in GTA V folder remove that it may cause some issues but this one i dont think it caused by openiv


@Stvbdkd Show me your Plugins Folder then.


@Stvbdkd and delete the dsound.dll from your GTA V directory.




do anyone have any ideas on what should i do to fix this problem


@Stvbdkd remove mods.asi from your plugins folder


You also have mods in your GTA:V directory. Remove them all.


@匚яαzγ_廾ατεя I did that it didn’t help


@kanersps i try that didn’t help


@Stvbdkd FROM YOUR plugins FOLDER remove dinput8.dll and scripthookv.dll ----- they’re not needed at all+ move the scripts folder from your game directory to somewhere else @kanerps what do you feel about this :D?


Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?


@匚яαzγ_廾ατεя okay i will give it a try


@Stvbdkd I have same issue. Did u find a solution?


@COndor nope


Last chance;

Please use this format to post your error.


woot he got a chance, lucky see they didn’t give me no warning just banned me from discord xD, so follow the format or no support how am i suppose to know whats going on if you didn’t give me basic info that we need to troubleshoot the problem ?


@Stvbdkd did it work?