I need help with my roleplay server


How can I write as in the example.


I have never seen this other than big Hosts. So I belive you must have a Hoster Licence for FiveM?


Go into your server.cfg and go under your Custom Ressources and type sets tags "FastGaming, ----, ----, ---- "

you can change the tags by anything you would like for exemple Website, Whitelist ext


This is how you would get tags to be searchable and show up in your server info


To show details like OP wanted, you simply create your own sets

sets "Hosting" "fivem.net"


isnt that what i said ?


How I interpreted what you said:

Do the above then:

Add more tags like

sets tags "FastGaming, Website, Whitelist"

I am guessing a language barrier since English isn’t your native language


its just the same thing with one word modified i think he gets what to do now :wink:


I have tried the codes you have given but it gave this error


Open your server.cfg and type sets tags “test” and now try to restart your server


Not Working



You must be using an old server version then.


shouldnt it be set tag not sets tag?

oh nevermind i see its different then starting resources.