I need help with cmd



Thanks for taking time to read about my problem. I’m making a FiveM server and I got everything running but when I try running the server through the cmd it gives me these two errors at the end " Authenticating server license key…
GlobalError: Could not authenticate server license key. " Does anyone know how to fix this problem?



Do you have a license key?


Go here: https://keymaster.fivem.net/

Login and register your server. A license key will be produced. Then go to to your server.cfg file and go to the bottom where it says:

sv_licensekey "changeme"

You’d place your key where it says changeme

If it does not say the code above, please copy and paste it in the bottom of your server.cfg file

Then try running your server :mascot:


refer to


I’ve made a server key and put this in the proper change me area and it gets the same error. I know im high jacking a thread but if i made a new one i wouldn’t get found… any tips?


Well, if you made a new one you might actually get help. But hey, thanks for reminding peeps that this hasn’t been locked.

Although, you should see if you’re actually running your server config. Lots of peeps seem to make the mistake of not running it.


How do i Run server config? Not sure on what that is.

I probably do know im just not thinking,


the wiki tells you how to do it… if you cant follow the guide then i’d suggest doing some research or use the search function so people dont have to answer the same question over and over again.


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