I need comfirmation


I dont want banned from fivem or my server to be banned off fivem so is it againest the terms and conditions to charge people for me to install scripts and cars and other like services. If this isnt allowed i wont do it as i honestly dont want banned from fivem


Correct, it is not allowed. Please read the Terms of Service for FiveM. The terms explicitly state:

No financial profit shall be derived by the Users from any derivative of, or third-party service, User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveM, the Game Services, or other entities stated in these Terms, except as expressly permitted by CitizenFX. …


Ok thx for sending this info i wont be breaking these rules but where can i report someone for trying to charge $20 to install 2 scripts that took me 5mins to install :smiley:


E-mail pr@fivem.net with information and evidence to contact the elements about it.


I sent it in with screenshot proof and their discord name :slight_smile: