I’m looking to dev for a community


Hello, My name is JPaps. I have been in the FiveM community for about 1-2 years. I have played on, deved on, staffed and owned many servers throught that time. I’m currently looking to become a developer for an establised community. I’m urrently learning how to code from scratch. At the time, I’m able to modify scripts for easier use and unique. I have done many addons and other related things. I usually dev Scripthook Enabled servers but I took on the challenge and am also able to dev an ESX/VRP scripthook disabled server. If provided hosting and a workspace, I could get a good looking forum up and running with almost anything you’d need. Feel free to let me know any information you have and what way I can contact you at!


Please contact me on discord @ Braden H.#9035


Check us out. We’d love to bring you on board if you can provide substantial assistance to our current operations. Feel free to message me on Discord as well. > Franky | LLRP#8182


I’m still currently looking. It doesn’t need to be a huge amount of people just has to have people that are truly dedicated.


You Still looking for a community to dev in?



I like what you’ve just described above. I’ve built server myself and I am pretty comfortable to run it in general. But I could definitely use some assistant, since there is growing work I just don’t wanna pay my attention to, so I can focus more on scripts and research and further development.

I am talking here about assistence for looking up GPS coords, formatting text by provided example (eg. getting list of cars for adding to CAD via SQL file) and other things I can tell you how to do. I just have only two hands and one keyborad :slightly_smiling_face:

My server is working with ESX and we don’t use any trainers.

If you would like this kind of cooperation, take a look at link below and contact me on Discord.


I would but, not really an area im looking to get in to.
I recently got dicked over so, I’m likely on my last attempt. Anyone else, feel free to post. I had a sweet IPS website up and running after 2 days and re did the whole game server. That is what I’m mainly looking for atm.