I keep getting a message using es_admin2


I get the image above when trying to kick/ban someone from my server and it is really annoying and some of my community members dont like it, if anyone has a solution pls let me know, Thanks


ask in the original topic of the resource, this is not a fivem related problem.


Like wheres that?
i dont know



I have the same issue and @schwim i did that and it still comes up with the same thing im running mine of the GTX gaming VPS . How am i meant to fix this? iv been trying to fix it for 12 hours. can some one Help me through this step by step on discord Video chat?


ask in the original topic.


Please do not create new topics for support/questions related to existing resources/menus/mods.

Only ask questions or request support in the original resource topic, or on whatever site/page you got the resource from (for example: create an issue on the GitHub page of the resource that you downloaded).

That way the original resource creator will get a notification and be able to help properly. This also helps to reduce duplicate topics of the same issue, because everything will be inside the original topic, allowing everyone to see all issues and solutions in one place.

Thanks for keeping the forums tidy. :mascot: