I have problem with my server


hi, how are you, my problem when i start my server, the load it is take a long time and i can’t join


It’s unable to connect to your mysql host.


how to solution this problem


You need to have a mysql database and you need to connect that database to your es_admin.


how to connect do you have a video


There should be tutorials on how to do that where you downloaded the script from. I am on my phone so I can’t really download these and help you through step by step. You should just full out the mysql stuff like this.

(ip, user, password, database)

You will go into the es_administration folder and find the mysql.connect lines and fill them out just like essentialmode.


where is the folder es_administration


Where you installed it in your resources…




Yes sir that will be the one. Did you setup the mysql database with essentialmode?




sorry for the disturbance


That’s no problem. Go into the sv_admin.lua and see if there is a mysql database line.




Yes fill out thee mysql:open lines.


can you send me a video if you can because i’m confused


i’m waiting you sir, can you help me


I can’t really make a video. The best I can tell you is to setup es_admin the same way you setup your essentialmode login.lua file.


I appreciate your helping me, anyway:slight_smile:


Sorry if I couldn’t really help any further then that.