I have a problem with my server FiveM



Welcome my friends
I have a problem with the server and when the server is running, players enter without problems but after half an hour
The server hangs full and disappears from the search and freezes the number of players, which is basically the server does not have any player
When entering the comment on a message (Obtaining Steam ticket …) and attached to the full game and to be able to enter the server again requires me to restore the full server restart and after half an hour back McCann disappears from the search and then comment on the last number of players to Kano The server as I am updating the server continuously with the latest updates
The update was either out of ( artifacts server ) or was ( cfx-server-data ) but I did not get any result from the server updates
(The server type that I used is from the Dedicated Game Server OVH)


The problem has been solved successfully by me. Please close the topic


How did you repair it?