I got stuck in here (FiveM Singleplayer), send Help



You’ll probably need to start a singleplayer game at least once. If that doesn’t work, try copying an existing save game file to your FiveM social club profile folder.

If that doesn’t work either, then please fill out the Technical Support template.


can u show me how to copy my real social club to fiveM social club? is it in document?


Hey, nevermind. i already fixed the problem.


Friend, I have not opened the singleplayer yet but it also stops here just like what happened to you. What did you do to solve the problem? And now … this singleplayer is the same as normal GTA V?


How did you fix the problem? I have my gta 5 game save but do not know where to place its in the five location.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



Can you please show me how did you copy the save file?



It would be awesome if you could share how you fixed it, I’m having the same problem.


To copy your existing save file, go to <drive>:\<username>\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\. You’ll now see 1 or more folders. Find the one that has a fivem_set.bin file in it and copy your save game files to that folder. If you’re not sure, then just copy it to all your folders :man_shrugging:.

That should do it, restart FiveM singleplayer and you should be good to go.


so here i fix the problem,

first, you go to your documents\rockstar games\gta\profiles,

second, first i find the fiveM profile folder which has fivem_set.bin in the folder (one of the 3 folder)
while the other might be the real game save rockstar account folder

3rd, copy all the files including the control folder from your rockstar account folder to your fiveM folder


i just try and error btw, here’s my fiveM game save folder looks like