I dont understand im all updated window to gpu



[Window Title]
FiveM Error

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

Could not open TLS certificate pair

If you require immediate support, please visit FiveM.net and mention the details in this window.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: net-tcp-server.dll+112DF
Report ID: si-b305d5fdda6b480a8b61e958ffa78616 (use Ctrl+C to copy)

DxDiag.txt (85.2 KB)


Please read what the error saids

FiveM crashed due to NVIDIA GPU drivers.
This is not the fault of the FiveM developers, and can not be resolved by them

In other words, if updating your drivers doesn’t work, then your machine is incapable of running FiveM.


This is also why there is a support template.

So we can see your system specifications and such.


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