I don't have a title for this.. But check it out pls


Hey! I am an experienced Dev, and I want to make a server but the problem is that I don’t got any money currently, and I got an idea. If someone is up for collaboration: Whoever wants to, buys the server and I will be a Dev, the person who wants to do this collab, gets full ownership & I do the same. If that sounds Fair give me a message!


Hey! How are you? I am with MTT:RP. We need a developer for many things, and we have a bunch of spots! If you’re looking to help, please join this discord channel: https://discord.gg/ravBWRM Thanks so much. Much will be appreciated! Thank you!


That is not what I meant about this…


Then what do you mean? You specifically want someone to buy a server for you to dev on and start a new community?


I meant if they wanna collab, where we both get full ownership, and i am the dev on a server (i meant also a completely new server with nothing but the standarts)


So basically like @xlxAciDxlx said, you want to be the (co)owner of a server but don’t want to pay for anything. Doubt anyone is wiling to do that but sure, go for it.


Why so negative? There’s one guy that said the same… And he got a lot of attention??


you could just do what I did

I pulled a computer out of the trash and repaired it with more trash parts and used it as my server for about 6 months before moving to a VPS.