I do not appear on my MySQL database (steam id)


Hello, I have a problem I buy GTA 5 on the social club and when I log on my server, I do not appear on my mysql database because no id steam?
Do you have a solution for me?


Change your code to allow for other identifiers such as IP…

If this is an issue with an addon, ask in the original thread for the addon.


I have to change to put the IP on what file?


Oh, I forgot to ask…

What have you set DisableAuth to in the “citmp-server.yml” file? Setting it to “false” will allow you to use other identifiers (such as IP).

No, you don’t have to put your IP anywhere… Which addon are you trying to use?


Yes DisableAuth and come on false

I want to use essential mode




Right well, first of go and ask for help with EssentialMode in the original thread.

As for getting help, I doubt you will as SQL support has been pulled until it’s next update. If you’ve read the post at all you’ll know that the addon has migrated to CouchDB.