I cant seem to get Server Logo to work FX


Hey, I want to ask if anyone can help get my server Icon to work for FXserver. I have the Icon on the main folder, and in the FXconfig, I removed the # of the load_icon_server. I also have the same name as the one in the main folder but idk what is wrong with it.


What’s the server console show? Also, show the line where you have the icon value, please.


Must be 96x96, and remove the # from server logo in server.cfg


This the config # loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)
load_server_icon Life.png


Does the console say it can’t find it?


How will I check the consol? the Recon command?


try making the filename lowercase, both the filename itself as well as the filename in your server.cfg. not sure but maybe that’'ll help for some reason? mine have always been lowercase and it worked fine…